UPS Fact Series

Fact Series True Online Double Conversion 1kVA - 10kVA



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Product Feature

- Best Cost-Performance with Major Specificatio Design Fact possesses many essential features of general online UPS without expensive but redundant features.Features include zero tranfer time, high input power factor, well voltage regulation high efficiency and Smart Battery Management System are included in Fact series UPS.

- Microprocessor Control By means of innovative software and control programs, the complicated hardware circuity is inlaid in the powerful microprocessor, apart from reduced size, it also lowers the defective rate of UPS.

- LCD display Fact series provides flexible choices about the information display.LCD display UPS status as a standard option, LED display indicators for simpler choices as optional.

- Extended Backup Time Long backup time model are allowed to connect external batteries to get prolonged backup time.Fact adopts the 4 A.super charger board, and the battery recharging time is now able to be shortened and keep in ready status for the next power shortage.

- Auto Self-Testing & Auto Restart System When turning on the UPS, it inpediately perfrms an inspection of the component such as inverter, battery and load.The system will also detect any problems in time to avoid causing any damage to the system.When UPS shutdown from low battery voltage, it immediately start up while the Utility is coming back to normal stage.

- Power Management Software The - WinPower power management software can provide the real time monitoring connected UPS and PC by just one PC easily.


Copyright 2013 Beacon Technology Solutions Ltd. All Rights Reserved.